We custom tailor our services to fit your needs. We can Produce your record from scratch or any step along the way. From the conception of the song idea, through creating and recording the product, all the way through mixing and mastering the product, and then finally to releasing the product for distribution. We do everything. We work with you from absolutely any step along the way until your song is brought to market and available for purchase on iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, and many other major distributors. Selected artists will also be eligible to be signed to our Record Label.

Full Service Production:  
Send us your rough ideas and we will create and produce your song from start to finish.  Our team of experts will thoroughly review your song and determine a custom cut plan tailored for you, by you, according to your preferences and budget.  Our team of composers and lyricists are equipped to add instrumentation, lyrics, vocals, melodies, rhythms, percussion elements, arrangement ideas, electronic re-mix elements, and anything else under the waking moon that has the potential to make the product meet the ultimate goal of creating the best music possible today.  In addition to creating the music, we have an art department on staff that can create the artwork for your record so that you will have a complete package ready for distribution all at the same time.  Our passion drives us, our creativity leads us, and we leave no stone unturned in trying to make your record sound as amazing as possible.  Visit our artists section to listen to samples of work that we have produced.

Mixing:  Live

Live Audio and Video Recording Services:

Ever play the best show of your life and have nothing to show for it afterwards?  Never again.  Please email us to discuss your audio and video recording options.  We offer multi-track live recordings as well as multi – camera video recording options.
Send us your unmixed audio files and we will mix them for $500 per song, which includes two rounds of mix tweaks.  If you want any additional mix tweaks performed after the first round of tweaks, we can provide additional versions at an additional $50 per version.  While there are certainly cheaper options out there, anyone with garageband can potentially charge you for mixing, and you certainly get what you pay for.  The rate we charge is in line with the quality of the product you will receive from us.  Visit our artists section to listen to samples of work that we have mixed.

Send us your mixed tracks and we will master them for $80 per song.  Visit our artists section to listen to samples of work that we have mastered.